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Best New Jersey preschool!

Our Philosophy



We the staff at Early Learning Academy (ELA) are committed to providing a comprehensive educational foundation for the Jersey City preschoolers. At ELA we strive to create an environment within which we are responding to the needs of the whole child (it is our belief that a child’s entire self should be developed thus allowing them to explore their inner talents); children are exposed to the opportunity to develop lifelong traits of honesty, fairness, confidence and responsibility.


We foster self-esteem, self discipline, and a spirit of cooperation. We nurture an understanding and sensitivity to all people by encouraging reverence and respect for each person. Our staff affirms the worth and dignity of each individual and as teachers we share this vision of education with the school community (we want each child to feel nurtured, gain knowledge, and make friends).


We recognize our responsibility to support parents in the role as educators of their children and we are aware that each child learns differently, hence we utilize various teaching styles to reach auditory, kinesthetic, or visual learners. 

Through our core competencies curriculum (E.L.A’s creative curriculum) we provide the opportunity for each student's intellectual, psychological, social, physical, and aesthetic growth.

New Jersey preschool
New Jersey preschool
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