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Extra-Curricular Activities (Programs)

As of September 1, 2010, ELA we have classrooms dedicated to various classes and activities to broaden your child's development. Each teacher will have a schedule to follow during the week with various times and classes listed to allow each group adequate time in the activity.


* Music – Children will sing, dance, and learn about different instruments and experience some of the first hand.
                  Each class will spend some time learning new songs and even use some small instruments. Music class  
                  will be interactive as well as informative and fun.


* Physical Fitness – Children will be shown basic exercises, stretches, and balancing positions to help develop
                                      their gross motor skills.


* Language – Children will be exposed to other languages, learning some basic words and greetings. Languages
                          may change during the year. Children will be exposed to the language and the cultural.


* Summer Program The teachers will be allotted time for the children to go in small groups to parks, play
                                         educational games, visit local stimulating places , and participate in all our special activities.


New Jersey preschool
New Jersey preschool
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