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Classroom Descriptions


Within each classroom, our students spend each day working on various fine and gross motor skills. They develop strong social skills and simple human values where they learn to share, extend kindness and friendship. The children through the use of computers, a Smart-Board®, books, film, field trips, play, the arts, and show and tell are exposed to many themes and topics which change every few weeks. This helps our children to gain a vast knowledge in life.

(12 - 24 months)

At E.L.A., students are on the move! Here we are helping the children to develop friendship (make friends); within the classroom, they are using their cups and feeding themselves like big boys and girls. One of the most exciting times for them is what we call “circle time” where they interact with their teachers and friends. Each day they learn many songs which they chant to live music; they sing & dance and learn letters and numbers. Our teachers read to them. They play together and learn to share. When weather permits they go for walks around our school, and learn all about our neighborhood; they play outside in our fenced-in playground. They love doing arts and crafts too where they are encouraged to use their own fingers! In addition our students learn colors; they learn to trace, and to identify their own names! Each month our teachers expose them to lots of activities based on different themes whereby they learn about animals, the beach, the seasons, holidays, birds, animals and many other fun topics! Each week they learn something new from our curriculum of themes!

(24 - 36 months)

E.L.A’s Toddler Plus class is a continuation of the theme based learning from the toddler group. These students study more details and spend more time using fine motor skills practicing cutting, gluing, drawing, and tracing. Having been exposed to so much already we take a step further and allow them to use higher order thinking skills to create, ask questions, explore and narrate.

Pre-K3 & 4
(3 - 4 years old)

On a weekly cycle our teachers help students in learning how to write/form, pronounce, and sound the letters of the alphabet and numbers. “They know the alphabet, numbers, and are counting so high!” Students explore and discover many fun topics using books, computers, a Smart-Board®, in combination with plenty of “hands on” activities. “Some of them are able to write their entire name already!” Every week our teachers introduce them to new and exciting topics such as community helpers, modes of transportation, etc., and they get to spend a lot of time creating things surrounding these topics. When the weather is nice they get to go for walks and play outside. They are learning how to become independent learners.

Best New Jersey preschool!

(4 - 5 years old)

We are developing foundational skills necessary for success of tomorrow’s youth. We offer opportunities to total child development: socially, emotionally, intellectually, and physically. Students learn to function within a group (taking turns, sharing experiences and thoughts, listening and assisting class mates) and learning to become independent in handling personal needs, handling classroom materials and following routines. Students learn to express and communicate thoughts and ideas through speaking, listening, drawing and writing. The curriculum offers both formal and informal learning activities, individual enrichment in the academic areas, as well as in music, art, and physical education.

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